Rethinking Faith

Confronting Divine Violence and Genocide - With Dr. Eric Seibert

March 11, 2020

This week Dr. Eric Seibert joins the conversation to discuss divine violence. It's no secret that one can find some troubling images of God in the Old Testament. It is also no secret that the Old Testament has a troubling legacy to many. So... Did God really command the complete genocide of men, women, children and animals in the Old Testament? 

For 2,000 years Bible Scholars and Theologians have wrestled with the violent images of God and the seeming sharp contrast between those images and the image of God we find in Jesus. Seibert joins the conversation and helps us to think through the various ways people have talked about the issue of divine violence. Enjoy!



Disturbing Divine Behavior: Troubling Old Testament Images of God (book) 

The Violence of Scripture: Overcoming the Old Testament's Troubling Legacy (book) 

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