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Rethinking Hell - With Chris Date

October 17, 2019

This week, Chris Date joins the podcast to discuss a rather hot topic... Hell! (See what we did there). 

Chris is a well-known evangelical Christian author, editor, blogger, podcaster, debater, and speaker. Representing a global movement known as ​Rethinking Hell​, he specializes in the areas of Hell and Conditional Immortality.

As an expert on these topics, Chris has been interviewed in such secular media outlets as the ​New York Times​, ​National Geographic​, and ​NPR​. He has debated no less than the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Dr. Albert Mohler, and been interviewed for the popular ​‘One Minute Apologist’ video series.



Rethinking Hell Youtube Channel 

A Fire That Consumes (Book) 

Hell: A Final Word (Book) 

Four Views on Hell: Second Edition (Book) 

Four Views on Hell: Zondervan (Book) 

Chris's Academic Articles 


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