Rethinking Faith

The #MeToo Reckoning - With Ruth Everhart

February 5, 2020

*Content Warning* (This episode contains conversations around heavy topics including sexual abuse and assault. If you have small children around, please be advised. Also, if you are a survivor and this episode brings up past memories please seek help. We stand with and for survivors of sexual abuse and assault.)

The #MeToo movement has revealed sexual abuse and assault in every sphere of society... including the Church. Far too often, churches have been complicit in protecting abusers, reinforcing patriarchal power dynamics, and creating cultures of secrecy, shame, and silence.

This week, Pastor and survivor Ruth Everhart joins us to shine some light on the prevalence of sexual abuse and misconduct within faith communities. Ruth offers hope to survivors as she declares that God is present with the violated and stands in solidarity with victims. God is at work in the midst of the #MeToo movement to call the church to repentance and deliver us from violence against the vulnerable. 

This is a very important conversation, we hope that it shines light in the dark and gives voice to the voiceless. Please join us in working against the injustice of sexual abuse and misconduct. 



The #MeToo Reckoning: Facing the Church's Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct


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