Rethinking Faith

Why Would Anyone Go To Church? - With Kevin Makins

July 29, 2020

This week, Kevin Makins joins the conversation to ask the question... why would anyone go to church? When Kevin was 23 and didn't know any better, he founded Eucharist Church with some of his friends. 


There are plenty of reasons to criticize, judge, and even walk away from the church. Many of us have been hurt and rejected. We may see church as insular and irrelevant. Despite this, Kevin Makins believes that the church still matters--perhaps more than ever.


If you've been burned or burned out by the church, if you've been silenced or misunderstood, if you've left or never even joined in the first place, this conversation is your invitation to consider what you miss out on when you give up on church--and what the church misses out on when it gives up on you. Enjoy!



Why Would Anyone Go To Church (Book) 

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